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Get a Fresh Start

We’re Palmdale bankruptcy law firm that’s local and focused on one thing: helping you get a new beginning with experience and customer service. Don’t go down below, and don’t pay for an inexperienced or impersonal part-time Palmdale bankruptcy attorney. You found the best.

It’s not your fault. You go along with life, and a job loss, divorce, or the coronavirus hits and now you’re behind on bills. If you’ve been struggling with credit card debt, lawsuits, judgments, or want to stop foreclosure, filing bankruptcy can help. Not only can it wipe out all kinds of debts, but a bankruptcy can protect you from collections, repossessions, foreclosure and wage garnishment.

What to Look for in a Palmdale Bankruptcy Lawyer


You’re going to want a Palmdale bankruptcy attorney who is local. You’d be surprised how many AV bankruptcy lawyers are actually big conglomerates with a headquarters in Los Angeles. The problem with that is they’re not always here for you. You don’t get one lawyer to guide you from start to finish. You’re passed around like a number, and have to deal with support staff more than you can talk to your own bankruptcy attorney.

Unlike most of our too-big-to-care competition, we’re local here for Palmdale bankruptcy help. Not just with a satellite office only open part-time, but an office open every day right here in the Antelope Valley.


Go with a Palmdale bankruptcy attorney who has helped thousands of people in the Antelope Valley, including Lancaster, Quartz Hill, Palmdale, and Littlerock for years from our office in Palmdale.

With COVID-19 threatening the economy in 2020, lots of new dabblers with no experience have jumped into bankruptcy hoping to make some money but not sure what they’re doing. Avoid the dabblers and go with experience.

There are very few attorneys who specialize in consumer debt and do only Palmdale bankruptcy who have the Antelope Valley as their office home.

Affordable Palmdale bankruptcy

Sometimes people ask, “How can I afford to hire a bankruptcy lawyer if I can’t to pay my debts?” The answer is simple: we accept payments, and probably less than your credit card payments are demanding. We stayed in business for twenty years helping only people who don’t have money. You decide how much to pay each month, and how quickly this gets done. When we’re paid in full, we file your case!


We’re skilled in both Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13, and will help decide which is right for you. We don’t dabble in bankruptcy law along with dog bites, car accidents, and estate planning. We do just one thing, and do it well.

Customer Service

Ever hear of a law firm that prides itself on customer service? Where clients send their attorneys “Thank You” cards? Ours do. In fact, in 2018 we were nominated as best attorney in Antelope Valley by readers of the AV Press..  Why? Because we care, are compassionate, attend your hearing at the bankruptcy court with you instead of sending a stranger, and are honest and ethical.

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